Monday, May 17, 2010

Better Late Than Never

So, these are a little late in coming, but here are the results of a couple of pretty great games of bacci ball at the Reed residence the weekend of Paul and Brooke's wedding. Good times were had by all (contrary to the facial expressions...). I love you guys. See you in a week!!!!
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Saturday, May 8, 2010



So, I realized about a week ago that I had completely forgotten to keep up with my picture taking. Then for the next week I couldn't find anything to photograph. My life, in the last month or so, has become very routine. I see the same things every day, so I no longer find them picture worthy. BUT, that's the whole point of this blog; to keep me from staring at the rut, instead of looking at all the beautiful things enticing me to get out of my rut! I have a tendency to fall into a pattern of reflection (usually revolving around myself, or at least around my perseption of the world around me) that greatly limits my outward focus. As a result I forget to invest in the people around me. I forget to appreciate the people around me. I forget to live a life worthy of the calling I've recieved. You can see how a lack of awareness of the beauty of life surrounding me (and photographing it) would be symptomatic of a bout of self-centered oblivion.

Anyway, I know it's nothing profound, but taking some time to bake this weekend has really helped me gain a wider perspective. I wish I could articulate this phenomenon for you, but I, myself, do not completely understand how it works yet. I'll let you know when I do. The baking was inspired by a new cook book I found ($5.57 at Barnes and Nobel!!! I love clearance racks... and the best part- IT HAS PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!!!)and rapid approach of Mother's Day. I let my mom pick out her breakfast treat (she picked the Passion Fruit Blueberry Squares featured below) as well as the dessert to be served to our company tomorrow night (Chocolate Mint Goodness). Now I share the joy with you.

And if you're ever driving through Chicago, let me know. I'll bake you something yummy. :)
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Passion Fruit Blueberry Squares


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Sweet Minty Goodness


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