Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bor Lor Bau

I miss Asia. A lot. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with shame when I realize how much I took for granted while I was there. There was so much to see, to love, and to learn that I missed out on because I was focused only on ME, and MY experience. What a waste. Oh well. Lesson learned... At least I hope so.

Bor Lor Bau is a sweet roll with a cookie'ish topping that can be found in bakeries all over Hong Kong (other places too, I'm sure, but Hong Kong is the place to be when it comes to pastries...). From the Youth For Christ building in HK, we would walk an extra 50 feet to this amazing bakery and get our breakfast each morning. This is what I usually had. It was one of the only things that didn't involve Spam or red bean paste (neither of which are all that bad, but not for breakfast...)so it was my first choice. We called them "cookie buns," due to the sugar cookie topping. I've come to learn that they're actually called Pineapple Buns, though there's not actually any pineapple in them. Go figure. Anyway, this was last night's baking project. It involved a new oven (1st thing baked in it!), yeast (which I CONQUERED), and a lot of butter. Not bad for a white kid's fist attempt at Asian baked goods, eh? As a bonus, they even tasted good! Just one bite brought bake a flood of memories. Let me know if you want some (buns, that is... not memories)!

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